Kosovo named a Doing Business Top Reformer - AGAIN

We are very pleased that Kosovo's efforts to improve its business environment were recognized yet again in the World Bank's 2018 Doing Business Report. For the second time, Kosovo was named a Top Reformer, this time for notable improvements in Starting a Business, Getting Credit, and Resolving Insolvency. In relative terms, Kosovo also showed a seven place improvement in Dealing with Construction Permits and advanced toward the best practices frontier. Since Kosovo started its construction permitting reform efforts in 2012, it has advanced 55 places. This improvement in DWCP helped earn it Top Reformer recognition in 2014.

Pinkowski Law & Policy Group's President, Michelle Pinkowski, played an integral part in Kosovo's construction permitting reforms from 2012 - 2017. According to Ms. Pinkowski, "The World Bank's recognition of Kosovo's forward progress in Dealing with Construction Permits is fantastic and very validating for the team. What is more important is that citizens are experiencing the benefits of streamlined procedures, a One Stop Shop and on-line permit tracking system." 

The One Stop Shop united all pre-permit approvals into a single window. Applicants no longer have to go to multiple places to get terms of construction, and fire and utility approvals they need prior to the main design. With an on-line permit tracking system (that was implemented without any cost to the municipality), applicants can also track the progress of their application and city managers can monitor the performance of permitting officers in complying with deadlines. 

With an improved partnership, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Municipality of Pristina are poised to move the country toward ever more dramatic reforms in the future.