PLPG Advocates for Consumer Choice and Reduced Cost for Senior Care

Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC submitted comments today on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's draft regulation affecting assisted living residences.

"Having an adequate supply of assisted living options for seniors is of particular interest to us in the coming years as the number of older people in our population grows," says PLPG President Michelle Pinkowski. "This is why we felt it important to comment on impending changes to regulations that, in our opinion, will result in fewer consumer choices and increased costs, and will have a disproportionate impact on small businesses."

Comments submitted by Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment can be found here

At Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC, we believe in smart regulations. That is, government regulations that are narrowly tailored to achieve public health and safety goals while still allowing businesses - especially small businesses - to operate in a sustainable manner. Smart regulations create an environment that promotes investment and economic expansion, preserves consumer choice, and results in lower costs for all. 

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