Assisted Living & Group Homes


We help developers and operators of assisted living and group homes locate and establish their facilities so they can focus on the business of caring for people. 


Finding the perfect location for your assisted living residence or group home can be challenging. Let us help you sort through the rules and regulations to find the best location for your ideal number of residents in the least amount of time possible. We will compare locations in your target area to help you find the path of least resistance and get started on the business of helping people.

For DIYer's, take a one-of-a-kind on-line course that will teach you the secrets of finding the best place for your assisted living residence or group home.  

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fair housing act 

"It is the policy of the United States to provide, within constitutional limitations, fair housing throughout the United States." -- U.S. Congress

Understanding the Fair Housing Act is important when facing zoning regulations, HOA rules, and deed restrictions that seem to try to prevent you from opening an assisted living or group home. We help developers and operators like you overcome these obstacles to get approval for their projects. We will act as your advocate or work with your local counsel to encourage compliance with Fair Housing Act provisions. 


market analysis

We start all of our business and real estate investment projects with a Phase I Market Analysis.  A Phase I Market Analysis identifies the market area and all relevant zip codes and lists and categorizes the competition. The analysis then uses a combination of health services data, census data, proximity to support services, regulatory requirements, and economic data (including Tax Credit Zones and other information, if available), to provide information that allows you to make a decision about whether to look at the target property in more detail.  One result of the Phase I is an estimate of the number of beds currently needed in the area and the number of beds expected to be needed - important data for you and your investors and lenders.


business purchase & corporate formation

Make sure you start your business off on the right foot by setting up your entities properly to meet legal obligations and protect you and your assets. If purchasing a business, draft offers and purchase agreements to best communicate the intentions of the parties and avoid later disputes. 

We are very grateful for your time and experience, as you helped us push past the bureaucracy. We can’t thank you enough!
— Janet Davies and Mark Hutton, Mimi's House, LLC
With your help, I was able to increase the number of residents allowed in my home from 8 to 16!
— Kelvin Gillett, Legacy Senior Care, LLC
I feel that utilizing your feasibility study market analysis is exactly what the primary lender we use for funding the RALs is asking for. I’m seeing that this is a very important piece of the puzzle to speed up getting funded.
— Ted Massad, Abundant Funding LLC


  • RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialists), the highest level of professional certification in the industry

  • Trained Assisted Living Administrators (Colorado)

  • Active assisted living developers

  • Representing developers and operators of assisted living residences and other real estate developments

  • International expert for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USAID and the World Bank on construction defects, construction permitting, building codes, and spatial planning

  • Author of "Zoning Hacks to Get You Started FAST - all you need to know to find the perfect location for your assisted living residence or group home" on-line course