Our Team

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Michelle A. pinkowski, esq.

Construction Law & Policy

Assisted Living Law


Michelle is a trusted advisor to high-level public and private decision makers. She works with dogged determination to diagnose the cause of problems so that optimum solutions can be found and implemented. She is an excellent communicator, a fierce advocate, and a caring counsellor. Michelle focuses on law and policy related to the legal relationships of the built environment, from construction and spatial planning to property rights and informal settlements. 

Licensed to practice law in Colorado

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Brian pinkowski, esq

Boutique Business Services

Governance, Accountability, Transparency


Brian works in complex environments involving intersecting interests of private/public sectors and communities. He is well known for his ability to handle high stress situations while staying focused on obtaining the best outcomes for clients. Brian combines a scientific background with experience in public policy and governance to achieve results in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environments. Brian also provides effective assistance with foreign investments in developing economies. 

Licensed to practice law in Colorado