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Setting up foreign business operations

Establishing your business in a new environment takes guts. New playing field. New rules. New teams. Work with advisors who have helped private clients conduct business and resolve legal matters in 32 different countries. We use our extensive networks to quickly develop situational awareness, build relationships, and identify relevant laws and regulations to get your business established on solid ground and operating quickly.






Opportunities await in foreign environments

Exemplar Projects

  • Import/export licenses for South African wine
  • Factory operations for sportswear manufacturer in 3 countries
  • Environmental permits for waste-to-energy & recycling businesses
  • Set-up construction company in Iraq
  • Fostered trade relationship in developing markets for food producers
  • Formed NGO for human rights in East Africa
  • Established corporate office in East Timor

facilitating large scale project financing

Financing projects between $100M - $500M is almost impossible in most countries. We specialize in connecting clients with reputable funding sources that can bring their projects to life. 

Affordable housing, Geothermal, agriculture, Airlines . . .

All are possible with large-scale project funding. 

assisting with regulatory processes

We bring 45 years of experience with government officials around the world to help you sort through licensing, permitting, and other regulatory processes so you can get going with your business. Whether its entitlements and licensing for senior housing to necessary environmental permits for recycling businesses, our advisors will help you navigate regulatory processes to get the approvals you need to move forward with your business.




land use,

licensing . . .

Start off on strong footing