Representative projects of our attorneys/consultants.

construction defect litigation

construction defects

Construction defect litigation involving a 27-building, Class A multi-family complex with over 40 parties and diverse defects in Arapahoe County, Colorado with favorable outcome for client. 

recycling, environment, natural resources, waste management, waste processing, waste to energy

RECYCLING & the environment

Fostering plastic recycling to create jobs, clean up the environment, and increase exports in a developing economy. 


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Senior housing complex in Olathe, Kansas destroyed by arson during construction. Favorable settlement for developer after insurance was initially completely denied.

Business Enabling Environment improvement

business enabling environment

USAID Business Enabling Environment Project promoting economic development by streamlining systems and increasing government transparency and accountability. 

property rights, customary property rights, traditional property rights, informal property rights


Supporting the creation of legal infrastructure to integrate customary rights in water, crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries into modern property rights framework. 

anti-corruption, corruption perception index, anti-money laundering


Full spectrum anti-corruption project resulting in 32 point gain in TI Corruption Perception Index, 23 corruption convictions in 18 months, and a new anti-money laundering law. 

informal settlement, illegal construction, informal construction, construction without permit, dead capital


Instrumental in process to free up an estimated €7B in capital by formalizing over 350,000 unpermitted constructions so they can be registered in the property rights registry. 

Doing Business, Dealing with Construction Permits


Simplified procedures and lower permit costs helped Kosovo improve its "Dealing with Construction Permits" ranking and contributed to its Top Reformer recognition. 

spatial planning regulation, spatial planning legislation

spatial planning

Drafted regulatory framework for introduction of zoning to improve planning, foster predictability and transparency of development rights and speed up time for issuing permits.