Government & Administrative Law

We excel at fostering communication, cooperation, and mutually beneficial solutions at the intersection of government, private and public spheres. We've worked with governments of all levels in a diverse array of environments. Our goal in every case is to help governments work better to improve the lives of the citizens they serve. We also help companies and individuals develop productive relationships with governments so their businesses can thrive.

managing interactions with government

We bring 45 years of experience with government officials around the world to help you build needed relationships, sort through regulations, and untangle bureaucracies to accomplish your targets. From licensing and permitting to setting up a division in a new country, we can help you navigate the government and regulatory playing field. 


Recycling Facility

Set up recycling facility in developing country and procured export and environmental licenses. 

policy development & Legislative Drafting

We help government decision makers work with the community and other stakeholders to develop data-driven policies and strategies, which are then translated into laws, regulations or other actions. We focus extends beyond legal language to include developing holistic strategies that can be accepted and implemented in the cultural context. Sample projects include:

  • South Sudan Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Timor Leste Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • Kosovo construction & spatial planning regulatory framework
  • USEPA environmental exposure regulations & clean up standards
  • Central City zoning, planning and emminent domain ordinances

project implementation

In addition to helping governments develop policies and draft enacting legislation, we also work with policymakers to find practical and effective ways of implementing these policies. This includes organizational development and change management, identifying and fulfilling resource needs, organizing and training those responsible for carrying out the strategy, developing communications campaigns, and identifying milestones and tracking progress to boost the project's success. 

helping governments work better

We work with governments at all levels to:

  • Achieve measurable improvement in internationally recognized indicators, including World Bank's Doing Business and Transparency International Corruption Perception Index
  • Develop and conduct change management strategies
  • Streamline procedures, organize and train for better service delivery 
  • Conduct community outreach and engage with stakeholders

30 point improvement in TI corruption perception index

Working with governmental and non-governmental actors to increase awareness and hold officials accountable

With minimal support, he managed to essentially track down a Provincial Council-in-exile . . . and succeed in producing a superb relationship as their coach and mentor.
— Col. J.R. Ewers, USMC, Iraq/PRT Team Leader

communications Experience

  • Active participation in over 500 city council meetings
  • Testified before U.S. Congress on environmental clean-up standards
  • Led hundreds of community briefings 
  • Skilled at interacting with media, developing media & communications strategy, and conducting media training programs
  • Advocacy training for civil society
  • Awarded Vice-President's "Hammer Award" for reinventing government

complex projects

There is nothing we love more than being part of a team to put the pieces together on complex projects. Multiple parties and varied interests spanning legal, political, technical, community, and cultural contexts. We help you identify and map out strategy for approaching the many facets of your project. We then work closely with you to implement that strategy to a successful conclusion. 






case study

The cities of Central City and Black Hawk, Colorado were in heavy competition for gambling revenue. But with the City of Black Hawk in first position on the circuitous mountain road, Central City needed a plan and it came up with an ambitious one - build a four lane highway directly from the interstate to downtown Central City. Hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake and the battle was on to obtain the necessary highway access permits, gain agreement from neighboring jurisdictions, acquire property and build the highway that would bypass the City of Black Hawk. Working as part of the legal team for Central City, our advisor helped resolve lawsuits that blocked the way forward, handled grand jury investigations and recall elections, negotiated intergovernmental agreements, supported countless community meetings and city council meetings, managed purchasing and annexations of property, and negotiated with state officials to secure the highway access permits. In the end, Central City won its battle and got its road.